Seven VAOG zones in the regions of Algiers and Oran

In 1970 Seven VAOG zones (Vins d'Appellation d'Origine Garantie) were defined in the regions of Algiers and Oran.

Because of their implantation and the wealth of grape varieties found there, SGCO established themselves in the western part of Algeria, in the region of Oran.


The Coteaux de Mascara produce red, rosé and white wines. Mount Bénichougrane with its alluvial limestone sand soils allows the vines to be planted at altitudes of between 650m and 950 meters.

>The wine we produce here is Koutoubia

Close to the Moroccan border, the vineyards of the Coteaux de Tlemcen also grow in mountainous conditions at an altitude of 700 to 800 meters. The red, rosé and white wines grown here mature in a cool, dry climate in soils of sandstone and marl on a limestone bedrock.

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The vineyards of Dahra, bordering the Mediterranean between Mostaganem and the mountains of Zaccar, spread over hillsides from 100 to 400 meters altitude on sandy soils with a limestone subsoil. They produce red and rosé wines.

>Our Wines : Aboukir 

In the north east of Algeria, the Monts du Tessalah are vineyards growing at 600 meters altitude, in two well-known vine growing regions : Ain-Témouchent and Sidi-Bel-Abbès. The soils are siliceous limestone and the climate is continental. They produce red and rosé wines.

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  • Aïn-Bessem-Bouïra : situated around a hundred kilometers from Algiers, on alluvial limestone plains south of Tizi-Ouzou. This appellation produces red and rosé wines.

  • Coteaux du Zaccar : 120 kilometers west of Algiers, the vines grow at an altitude of 600 to 800 meters on the south eastern slopes of Djebel Gherbi. The climate is harsh, with snow in winter and intense heat in the summer. The earth is mainly composed of red or grey earth of clay, schist and chalky sand. The appellation produces red and rosé wines.

  • Médéa is a rugged and essentially mountainous zone (altitude between 950m and 1200m) with precipitous slopes surrounding small areas of plain, in the heart of the Tellian Atlas. The soils of clay and alluvial sand produce red, rosé, gris and white wines in Appelation d'Origine Garantie.

It should also be noted that numerous production zones are contained within these seven VAOG areas, something like the ‘climats’ of Bourgogne, for example: Damiette and Benchicao in the Médéa appellation; Mansourah and Bréa in the Coteaux de TlemcenAïn; Fares and El Bord in the Coteaux de Mascara.

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