Our Objective : Quality

We are committed to complying with international quality standards across all of our activities: from the vineyard, through the entire winemaking process to the final sale. These quality parameters are applied at all stages of production, from the harvesting of the grapes up to reception by the customer, through full traceability, alimentary security and rigorous hygiene.

Every single bottlesold, identified and controlled, carries the mark of our expertise

We guarantee the authenticity and the signature of our wines in respect for the terroir. Our commitment to quality extends to our level of investment in both the cellars and our bottling plant in Oran, with each cellar having been equipped with a system of thermo-regulation, and the unit at Oran possessing its own analysis laboratory where two dedicated oenologists control the quality and traceability of our wines.

This central laboratory is situated in the heart of the bottling center. It is capable of measuring all the oenological parameters necessary during the winemaking and bottling processes. We are equipped with up-to-date material such as an Infraalyser, tartaric stability measurement equipment etc. The laboratory has a fixed temperature at 20°C, compliant with international standards.

The laboratory equipment transmits results directly to the computer system. Each bottling is checked by the quality control team: cleansing procedures, volume bottled, taste control, lot numbering to enable full traceability. These checks are recorded and commented by the Laboratory Manager.

And in 2013 a new bottling line was installed on our premises. All these elements reflect our desire for constant improvement in both quality and service so that we may propose the best of our terroirs to our clients.

The Société des Grands Crus de l'Ouest is currently undergoing HACCP certification.

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