Interview with Abdelkader 

Abdelkader, 60 ans, owner of 5Ha at Hadjadj.

Tell us a little about your vineyard

I own 5 Hectares of vines.  I acquired these in 1988 during a reorganization by the state.  I work partly with the family and I also employ seasonal workers during the year.

What grape varieties do you grow ?

My vineyard is entirely planted with Cinsault. I don’t know what clone they are but they give me large, juicy and sweet grapes.

What are the particularities of your appellation ?

I’m a little bit further inland compared to other villages, but there is a big maritime influence. It is quite humid and cool in summer at night time, but what bothers us most here is the Sirocco.  Just one day of Sirocco wind just before the grapes are due to be picked and they are finished.  Fortunately it’s rare, but it has happened in the past, and the work of a whole year can be wiped out.

The SGCO has been your partner since 2008, what has this partnership brought you?

You know, for me the SGCO is Farid.  He stops by to see me every other day in the season.  If I haven’t seen him for three days I give him a ring to see if he’s ill, or cross (he laughs).  He’s always got good advice and doesn’t mind taking his time to give us a bit of extra help.  Because, you know, growing grapes is a skilled job! And each year we start all over again and learn new things!

And I’ve now learnt that the SGCO is sending wine over the Mediterranean.  Imagine?  Maybe there are some of my grapes, from Hadjadj, in bottles being drunk in France! That’s quite something!

I can confirm, your grapes from the Dahra appellation in Fleur d'Aboukir are sold in France.

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