The Société des Grands Crus de l'Ouest, a success story...

In 2001 Mr. Rachid Hamamouche founded the company of the Grands Crus de l'Ouest.
His aim was for the company to produce their own wines of premium quality, and with this objective in mind he constituted a team genuinely passionate about wine supported by experts in all key areas.

The first harvest was modest but very promising. The first cuvees of Saint-AugustinKoutoubia and Fleur d'Aboukir that followed were highly acclaimed by the top chefs in restaurants across the whole of Algeria.

The SGCO company was launched

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In the course of the next few years their serious approach and their expertise earned the SGCO a high reputation with the vine-growers, who brought their grapes to them in greater and greater numbers, resulting in new cellars being opened in the different regions.
And this dynamism shows no sign of abating, proof of the privileged relationship based on mutual trust and exchange that exists between our vine-growers and our teams.

At the origin, a privileged relationship based on mutual trust and exchange between our vine-growers and our teams. 

The continuous process of sharing experience, expertise and training reinforces this relationship, allowing the vine-growers to perpetuate their craft and their knowledge, and placing a rich variety of high quality grapes at the disposition of the SGCO, enabling them to create a wide range of wines which are today highly reputed.

The SGCO is the premier private wine company in Algeria.

This veritable achievement would not have been possible without an immense amount of work: rehabilitation of the cellars and agricultural buildings, sealing of partnerships with the local vine-growers, recruitment and training of personnel, and the creation and distribution of a range of wine brands…

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Our fundamental values were transmitted to us by the founder of the company, Mr. Rachid Hamamouche.
Family Values: Our desire is to produce in Algeria with the Algerians, with respect for the families. Our entire production process takes place within our country.
Transmission and Training: For a country to live and evolve we must educate the young and transmit our skills.
Spirit of Enterprise: We seek to develop the exports of Algerian wines to increase their notoriety and in return reinvest in the local industry.

Today the Société des Grands Crus de l'Ouest manages more than 300 people in Algeria.

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